Initializing the QBKEY

1. Register

The following steps will: * register the fingerprint of your primary finger (this is your virtual master key). * register the fingerprints of two alternative fingers.

  • You can follow the onscreen guide to complete these steps.


  • In the next step your primary QBKEY will be synced to the backup QBKEY.
  • Make sure your backup QBKEY is connected to the same computer.
  • Select the backup QBKEY from the list (use the refresh button in the menu bar when necessary)
  • Click the SYNC button.
  • You will be asked to authenticate. Make sure you use your primary finger on the QBKEY device with pink LED indication.
  • Your backup device will be checked and synced.

Store your backup QBKEY in a safe place!


Video: Starting First Time.