As soon as you connect to your QBKEY you can access the settings page by clicking the button in the top left.


General settings

The general settings let you change theme colors and language. Changes are applied immediately upon selection. If you do not need in-program tooltips with additional information, you can turn this option off by unticking the box.


Show all Bluetooth devices

This option is only for the Bluetooth version QBKEY. By default, only QBKEYs are displayed. Enable this option if you want to display all enabled Bluetooth devices in the vicinity (e.g. When you want to test the Bluetooth dangle).


Hide tooltips

Hide the various tooltips through the application.

Ask me if I want to power off the QBKEY on disconnect

This option is only for the Bluetooth version QBKEY. When disconnecting from the QBKEY it can be turned off to conserve the battery power.


Minimize to the system tray instead of existing the app

With the application running in the system tray you can keep using certain features.

Security settings

Enable password protection for all vaults

This will ask for an additional password per vault. Before a new vault is created, you will be asked to setup a pin code or password for this vault. You can use different pin codes or passwords for different vaults. Existing vaults will have a blank password instead. Use this option with care as there is no reset password option in case you forgot your password! Default setting = disabled.


Remember the last session

Enabling this will give you the option to select your last session in the vault selection screen.


Remember the last opened vault

This will give you an extra option in the vault selection screen that takes you to your last opened vault. Default setting = disabled.


Automatically encrypt exported files with EFS

This will disable automatic encryption of the exported files with your Windows account. It can still be enabled manually with each export. Default setting = enabled.


Automatically clear the clipboard

When this option is enabled, the clipboard will be cleared some time after you copied a password from a vault to your clipboard. This is a recommended security function that is enabled by default.

Automatically close the vault when the QBKEY is disconnected

When you want to automatically close the vault when your USB key is disconnected, enable this option.

Default generated password length

This defines the length of the password generated in the password manager. When recommend to use very long password, as you don’t have to remember them and increases entropy.


Device settings

Device information

You can open the device information page of the connected key. This can also be done by clicking on the QBKEY icon in the bottom left corner. Amongst other information, your fingerprint registration status is displayed. Also your public key is shown on this page.

If you are connected to a vault, the name of the vault will be displayed next to the QBKEY icon in the bottom left corner.

Clicking on the vault name will open Windows File Explorer showing the location of that vault.



Video: Device Information.


Deleting fingerprints

  • In the device information page, you can see the status of your registered fingerprints.
  • You should see up to 3 green fingerprint icons, one for each fingerprint you’ve registered.
  • If you want to change one of your fingerprints, you can click the small icon underneath the fingerprint to delete it (you need to delete from the Tertiary one to the Primary one).
  • You will have to confirm the deletion by scanning your primary finger.
  • You will see the new status with the deleted fingerprints marked in red.



Reconnecting with your QBKEY device will bring up the “Register fingerprint” wizard to register the missing fingerprints.

Your public key

When QBKEY users want to share a file or a password with you, you will have to provide them with your public key first. You can obtain your public key by opening the device information page and clicking either the “Display Public Key”, “Save key to file”, or Copy key to memory”.

There is no harm in sharing your public key. It is like sharing your email address or phone number with others so that they can contact you.


Video: Your Public Key.


Device Actions

Sync QBKEY pair

This will sync the fingerprints you registered from one QBKEY device to another QBKEY device by following the fingerprint syncing wizard.

Upgrade Firmware

This will upgrade the firmware on your QBKEY device. Click the “Firmware Update” button and follow the wizard to have your firmware update.

Favorite Device

On the SELECT DEVICE page, you can mark your selected QBKEY as a favorite device. You can do this by clicking the device followed by clicking the “Favorite” button in the menu. Your favorite device will be marked by a star and will always be visible at the top of the list. If you want to delete you favorite QBKEY, you can do this by clicking the “Forget favorite device” button in the settings page.


Vault settings

Favorite vault

You can mark one of your vaults as a favorite vault. You can do this by clicking outlined star icon in the statusbar once you have a vault open. Once this you have a favorite vault, you can clear this setting by clicking the ‘Forget favorite vault’ button.



InterPlanetary FileSystem Support

By enabling IPFS support you can share files directly with your contacts(must be QBKEY users) from the QBKEY software.


Both you and your contacts(must be QBKEY users) need to be connected to the ipfs network in order to operate. This can be checked in the right part of the statusbar. Connecting to the network does generate some network traffic in the background. Only data explicitly selected by you will be shared via the network.

SSH Agent Support

QBKEY can act as a SSH agent by enabling this option. A new tab ‘SSH’ will be shown on the main screen that allows you to manage your ssh-keys.


A restart of the software is needed after enabling this option.


Full Drive Encryption Management Support


Windows software version only!

By enabling this module, QBKEY will be able to manage your Windows Bitlocker encrypted drives.


A restart of the software is needed after enabling this option.

../_images/fulldrive.jpg password verification

By enabling this module, QBKEY will be able to check whether or not your password has been compromised in a known data breach. In order to do so, QBKEY will hash your passwords and send the first few bytes of that hash to the HaveIBeenPwned service. The actual passwords are never sent. For more information please visit HaveIBeenPwned website.


Video: Setting Screen.