Protect your personal data easily and securely

For Individuals

  • QBKEY is designed for novice users. No password is required.
  • In just a few simple steps you are able to encrypt your data and store it wherever you want. Select your folder, scan your finger, and start encrypting data – it’s that easy!
  • Multi-functional device.
  • File managing, password managing, private/confidential information sharing, full drive encryption, SSH agent. New features can be delivered through software and firmware upgrades.
  • You, and only you, are in complete control of your data.
  • QBKEY is a completely independent and autonomous data protection tool. We do not require you to create an account, connect to any 3rd-party service, or provide us with any information to use the product.
  • Backup Device Available.
  • QBKEYs are always produced as a pair using a Quantum True Random Number Generator. Therefore, they are truly unique and cannot be duplicated or re-created by anyone. The second key should be kept in a secure location to be used as a backup device in the event that the original is lost, stolen, or in some way rendered unusable.


Anna Carter

Musician / Song Writer

As a musician/songwriter, QBKEY allows me to securely encrypt my song ideas, track samples, and lyrics in unlimited vaults, on as many devices as I need – even in the Cloud – with no storage limits.

As a musician/songwriter, inspiration can strike any time and any place. I spend a lot of time in the studio and on the road and I am constantly coming up with song ideas, track samples, and lyrics. I am often composing lyrics on my laptop, recording vocals on my tablet, and saving studio work on the Cloud. Keeping my all material safe from unauthorized access and possibly leaked to the public is of constant concern for me. I was looking for a solid encryption solution that would not only protect my material from theft but also allow me the freedom of creativity on multiple devices when and wherever I choose. With QBKEY, I can create an unlimited number of vaults, access them anytime, anywhere—even in the Cloud. The unlimited data storage capabilities of the QBKEY provide me, the artist, the freedom and security to truly get ahead in this cut-throat industry.

Trudy LeBlanc


Working as a medical professional, QBKEY allows me to not only secure my patients records, but back them up to other off-site devices in case of breakdowns or outages.

I’m a Psychologist with my own practice for more than 20 years and I can share with you two unshakable truths. Firstly, the care of patients is of critical importance. Secondly, and equally important, is the security of patient’s medical records. When I began my practice in the ‘90s, most of my records, transcripts, and documentation were created manually and physically stored in a secure location. Since I’ve moved to keeping digital records, my biggest fear has been the vulnerability of my patients’ medical information. From Ransomware to unavoidable computer breakdowns, data security and backing up data is a constant point of contention. Recently, a good friend and fellow psychologist raved about an encryption hardware device that not only protects patient data, but also backs it up to other devices in the event of an emergency, I had a feeling that my worries were over. For almost a year now, I have been worry-free when it comes to securing patient records and information. With the QBKEY I can immediately sync all the data I enter to other off-site devices in case of breakdowns or outages. With QBKEY, meeting my priorities as a healthcare provider in today’s digital world have never been easier.


Octavia Miller


I can create fully encrypted drives with QBKEY, on which I can store my professional photographs. This saves me money, and still allows me to selective share those drives with other QBKEY users.

Photographers work with large numbers of image and video files. In addition to my own personal collections I do photo shoots for many clients. Security is vital in all cases having back-up copies (at least two) is imperative. Hardware encrypted drives do work well but can be expensive, and I can’t trust cloud services as they are susceptible to being hacked. This is where QBKEY comes in. I can utilize economically priced standard drives, internal or external, and use QBKEY to turn them into fully encrypted drives that are protected by a biometric finger scan. There’s no password to remember or at of being hacked, and I can add or remove access to other QBKEY users that I choose.

Confidential document sharing & Password issuing

For Business

  • Device-to-device confidential information sharing platform.
  • Any confidential files, or passwords can be shared among the intended QBKEY users. Only they can decrypt the shared data by using their very own QBKEY device.
  • Mitigates Phishing and Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) Attacks.
  • Out-of-band authentication through the use of QBKEY’s unique pairing ID prevents MitM attacks.
  • Prevent costly data breaches and greatly reduces IT support costs.
  • Smaller investments for higher data security.
  • Highly Customizable.
  • QBKEY is highly customizable. More features and customizations can be delivered through software and firmware upgrades.

Tony Johnson


QBKEY allows a CFO like me to file share highly confidential information directly with other executives within our company, even those in other office locations around the world.

The company I work for has offices in multiple locations, and as a CFO, the sharing of confidential information with my top-level management team requires a high level of security not just within one office, but also between offices. We tried various encryption software applications but found they are often not easy to use, and the need for a password makes them not very secure. We also investigated several encryption hardware models, but they lacked the functionality we needed to have. After a handful of IT consultants suggested a device-to-device hardware solution, one that would address our need for security and the multi-location nature of our company, we knew that was the way to go. For more than a year now, the file sharing functionality of the QBKEY, one that allows us to choose exactly who does and does not have access to data, has kept every quarterly report, risk analysis plan, and record-keeping ledger safe and secure. QBKEY is versatile enough that we can share encrypted files through a centralized or distributed peer-to-peer system, with the latter being very efficient for very large files.


Jennifer White

Executive Office Administrator

I’m an Executive Office Administrator and I use QBKEY to manage a rather large number of accounts for the company even without remembering a master password.

I’m an Executive Office Administrator and responsible for managing passwords for a rather large number of accounts for the company. These passwords need to be super secure, which means complicated and unmemorable, so I need a way to manage these and keep them safe. With QBKEY, I can create strong passwords and have them stored away safely. Best of all, my passwords can be backed up to company servers or issued to other department managers securely. There’s no account registration is required and no need to rely on a third-party service or even a master password.

Terence Brown

IT account Manager

In my IT department, I use QBKEY to generate and issue very strong passwords to users.

IT Managers routinely need to set up network, email, and other types of accounts for users. Passwords need to very strong. QBKEY can generate very strong passwords, utilizing all of the special characters, upper and lower case, numbers, etc. It also provides me with a method to securely issue the new credentials to users.


Adelina Jones


QBKEY’s optional passphrase provides me with the peace of mind that even if I am coerced or forced into providing my fingerprint scan, the confidential information I often utilize as a Government Contractor remains secure.

I am often concerned about using biometrics alone to secure access to confidential information. You see, I’m a Government Contractor and I often worry about being coerced or physically forced into providing my finger scan that would then provide someone with access sensitive or confidential information. With QBKEY, I can add an additional layer of security that prevents anyone from accessing my encrypted data, even with my finger scan. By enabling an optional passphrase, QBKEY combines my fingerprint with the passphrase to create a stronger encryption key. This extra layer of security provides me with level of additional protection I need.

Quick and secure authentication to IT-systems

For Dev/DevOps/DBA/CTO/etc…

  • Manages all your SSH keys. Scan your finger and load them at one go as your wish.
  • Device-to-device password issuing. Easy-to-use with ultimate security.
  • Fast, and reliable file management and contact management features.


Wallace Anderson

DevOps Engineer

I love utilizing QBKEY as an agent to perform the cryptographic operations necessary to enable SSH connections between our applications and remote services. DevOps Engineers like me find this very useful.

The applications I work on our systems must interact with SSH enabled services on remote servers autonomously. Rather than storing usernames and passwords for all of these, I’d prefer to keeps tidy and secure. QBKEY has this neat function that allows it to act as an agent that has access to all of the credentials (in the form of public/private key pairs, not usernames/passwords). So ultimately, none of our applications ever have access to usernames/passwords or private key details, and none of that is ever sent over the internet. As a DevOps Engineer, I appreciate that everything is securely stored within QBKEY which performs the required cryptographic operation needed to enable the SSH connection between our applications and the remote services.

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