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Nearly 4 million Cyber-attacks are made on personal computers every day. No one is immune from cybercrime. If you haven’t been a victim of a cybercrime you’ve either been incredibly well prepared or simply very lucky. Whether it’s personal photos, credit card details, medical records, tax documents, passwords — someone, somewhere will see it as their meal ticket. Cybercriminals are not particular about who they steal from.

Keeping your sensitive information safe from exposure and theft, especially in today's connected world, hasn’t been simple. While email, chat and social network providers and cloud services will claim that your stored data is encrypted and private, more often than not they are the ones who hold the keys. That means that a hacker breaching their security, or any government agency lawfully petitioning those encryption keys, can decrypt and access your data.

Professionals may have solutions for securing their data, but they are generally pretty complicated to use. But how can novice users protect themselves and their data?

The simple solution is QBKEY. QBKEY is designed by engineers for any type of user. It provides everybody with an easy-to-use & multifunctional data security solution. Allowing even novice users to use strong encryption to protect their data.

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The Origin of QBKEY Brand

QBKEYs are always produced as a pair using a Quantum Random Number Generator. Therefore, they are truly unique and cannot be duplicated or re-created by anyone. The second key should be kept in a secure location to be used as a backup device in the event that the original is lost, stolen, or in some way rendered unusable. The "q" and the "b" in our logo represent the two keys. The QBKEY trademark is registered in the USA, the European Union, Hong Kong, and China.

About Our Company

Founded in 1967 and backed by more than 50 years of technology leadership and innovation, Dataram provides technology solutions that help customers simplify, consolidate, automate and scale personal computing and data center environments. Dataram’s solutions include memory, storage, software and related technical products and services for desktops, laptops, workstations and servers. The Company sells worldwide to OEMs, distributors, value-added resellers, embedded manufacturers, enterprise customers and end users. Dataram provides customized memory solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and compatible memory for leading brands including Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo and Oracle as well as a line of memory products for Intel and AMD motherboard-based servers.

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